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"One of the most Respected & Referred to Clinics by Doctors
in the Pioneer Valley."
Learn how our unique approach can help you return to doing
the things you love.
We Help-Exp.Matters
We Help When
Others Can't
Are You Ready For Something Different?

While most doctors focus on your pain or disease, we are focused on YOU and how we can return your body's pattern of functioning back to normal.

That's what makes our therapy different.  Our comprehensive approach eliminates pain and disease by enhancing your body's inherent healing capacity to do so.

This is the key to fixing problems without high-tech intervention, harmful drugs, and dangerous side effects.

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Chinese Herbal Pharmacy
Experience Matters
Unparalleled Training & Expertise

Only through a lifetime of practice can one gain wisdom and experience.  We have spent a combined 30+ years studying medicine from some of the most accomplished and talented doctors of our time, learning from them, honing our skills, and developing a skill set not readily found today. 


We have more than a decade of tangible results.

And have performed over 50,000 treatments.  

Just have a look at the HUNDREDS of Reviews from patients just like you who we have been privileged to help. 

Success Stories

"I've been going to the clinic to manage a chronic autoimmune illness.  It has helped my joint pain, asthma, fatigue, as well as a host of other symptoms."

-Christine M.      Patient since Jan. 2011

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