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Comprehensive Therapy with

Tangible Results

Pínghéng Fa Acupuncture

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Pínghéng Fa


A unique method that balances your body & mind for instant results.  Pain, Stress, Emotions, Internal problems... we help when others can't. 

Difficult cases are our specialty.

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Herbal Medicine

Powerful Herbal


Our master herbalist prepares each patient's prescription individually from the highest quality and most potent ingredients to effect positive change with no side effects.

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Nutritional Therapy

When it comes to eating... we don't discriminate.  We love Real Food.  Our expertise is teaching you how you can eat to heal, prevent, and avoid serious disease.

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Bazi Health & Life Anaylsis

八字 Bazi Anaylsis

Life is a journey.  Your Bazi Chart is the map.  Who you are, how you behave, your gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses and personalities are revealed in full color.  Understanding this and the opportunities one has over their lifetime allows you  to make better decisions to improve the quality of your life.

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Qi Cultivation

Qi Cultivation

A natural form of exercise that preserves, protects, and maintains high quality health & well-being.

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