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BaZi - Destiny & Life Anaylsis

Your BaZi chart tells your life potential, like a map of your life’s journey. Who you are, how you behave, your gifts, talents, strengths, weaknesses and personalities can are revealed in full color. The chart also allows us to understand any potential or hidden opportunities, and equally important the obstructions and threats that we are exposed to.

Our sessions are confidential consultations that focus not on telling the past, but on realizing opportunities and solutions in a forward-looking fashion. The outcome to be expected is that each individual will be empowered to make decisions of a higher caliber and better quality.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of choices you make. The quality of your decisions can make or break the change you ultimately want to achieve. Better decisions come from knowing what options you have at any given point in time. If the quality or number of your options is limited, you cannot possibly make ‘better’ decisions.

BaZi consultation is about providing you with better options to choose from. It is the definitive tool especially when faced with difficult or important decisions and crossroads in one’s life journey.

BaZi - Destiny & Life Anaylsis

  • A BaZi Consultation is generally between thirty to forty-five (30-45) minutes in duration. During the consultation, the consultant will first highlight to you the general aspects which the consultant deems important to know in your life and that you should be made aware of. Note that the consultant has already pre-analyzed your BaZi chart prior to the consultation in order to save valuable reading time, which is otherwise meant for the client and be fully prepared for your BaZi reading.

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